I Opt Out: Why the Desire to Return to Normal Is Utterly Abnormal to Me (And the 6 Lessons I Learned While Sheltering-In-Place)

Lesson #1 of what I learned

Lesson #1: Becoming nobody helped me to find me.

“Until I could love me, flaws and all, there was no way I could embrace the flaws in others.”

Lesson #2: Generosity is more satisfying than overgiving.

“We cannot declare, decree, or positively think our our way out of grief. We need to sit with Grief, embrace Grief, honor Grief, and know Grief.”

Lesson #3: Grieving is necessary no matter the loss.

“My church became hiking trails and my pastors became the trees, animals, insects, and elements.”

Lesson #4: Religion is not the only source of wisdom.

“I no longer want to pass on pain and suffering; I want to pass on healing and joy.”

Lesson #5: History teaches me what is worthy of my attention and action.

“Like Elsa sang in Frozen, ‘the inside doesn’t bother me anyways’. Well, she didn’t say inside, she said cold, but if she were in a pandemic, she would’ve sang inside.”

Lesson #6: Inside isn’t so bad after all.

I am not quitting humanity…




I design questions to help us explore our biases.

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Leesa Renée

Leesa Renée

I design questions to help us explore our biases.

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